Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Sewing with Jersey

So I made a few things with my brand new sewing machine when it arrived in July, but it had been sat on the side feeling a little neglected recently...when I discovered Pinterest. There are some really great boards out there for free sewing patterns, in particular which has quite literally thousands! So I made a board of lots of lovely items of clothing that I want to make and then I got started.

The first project I made was this folded miniskirt, from the great tutorial found here I found the folding part easy to understand, although keeping the folds in place was much more difficult at times! This was my first time sewing with jersey, and I chose a double knit plum coloured jersey fabric. 
This fabric was the perfect choice as I found it really easy to work with. I'm very happy with the final outcome as there are actually no obvious mistakes for once!

My next project was a day dress, again in knit fabric for which I chose a lovely bold flower pattern. This fabric I found much harder to deal with, as it is thin jersey and stretches so easily under the machine. I really liked making up a pattern from clothes I already had so it sure to fit. The tutorial for this dress can be found here:

Both fabrics together cost only £12, so that proves making your own clothes really is cheaper than buying them. I've decided to really make an effort to make rather than buy now I'm getting to grips with my sewing machine!

Emily Kate

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