Sunday, 13 October 2013

Perfect Victoria Sponge

This is my idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon.

No points for guessing where I'm from I guess, but who doesn't love a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Anyway I had a craving for Victoria sponge on my way home earlier, which gave me a great idea for a post. I love a good ol' British favourite like the Victoria sponge, and for the last few years I've made one fairly regularly, for friend's and family's birthdays and refreshment for concerts. I've always aspired to make one as good as my granny's cakes, and nowadays I think I've cracked it, so here are my tips for a perfect Victoria sponge.

  • Weight the eggs first, in their shells, and then use the same weight for the margarine, flour and sugar.
  • Always use caster sugar, it's finer so makes the sponge fluffier. I usually just put granulated sugar in a food processor for a few seconds rather than actually buying caster sugar specially. (yes I am that cheap...)
  • I use self-raising flour, but also add a desert-spoonful of baking powder to really make it rise so the texture is nice and light. 
  • Use 2 separate tins, rather than one and then slicing in half, it never rises as well. 
  • Don't open the oven if you can help it whilst the cake is cooking, constant checking and temperature changes makes the middle sink.
  • I love vanilla buttercream icing with raspberry jam in the middle. For the buttercream I always use proper butter rather than margarine, the consistency is much better and thicker, and salted butter rather than unsalted like many recipes suggest. Although if it's too thick adding a dash of cream helps. Unsalted butter makes the icing very bland. 

Get baking!

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