Friday, 4 October 2013

Machine Embroidered Cushion

So I've been practicing my free motion embroidery, or thread stitching, or whatever you fancy calling it, for a weeks now and finally felt confident enough to start a new project.
Since I hand embroidered my London skyline cushion back in January, I've been itching to do some more cushions along the same cities/buildings line. Although I wanted to see if I could speed the process up by doing it on the sewing machine, so that I could think about selling them online.

Now for those of you who don't know where/what Bristol is, it's a city in the west country of the UK. It's most famous landmark is the Clifton suspension bridge, and it's famous for holding a hot air balloon fiesta every year. So I decided to do a design based on the balloons flying over the bridge, so I could incorporate a little bit of colour into the otherwise black thread picture.

I've discovered the easiest way to transfer a design from a sketch on paper to the fabric, is to go over the design in black pen which you can then see reasonably clearly through the fabric when it's held up to a lightbox, or window. I then traced the design onto the fabric with a bright blue water soluble fabric marker. it's just like a felt tip pen, so is easy to use and see when you're sewing, but just washes straight out with a small amount of water.

I've found with free motion sewing the best thing to do is not to get too hung up on the small imperfections, as it is difficult to sew a straight line, and very difficult to unpick. Once I stopped trying to fix every tiny wobble in the lines on the bridge, I was much happier with it!

Emily Kate

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