Thursday, 10 October 2013

Exciting Announcement!

At last I have finally gotten around to making an Etsy shop! So for those of you who are geeky musicians like me, or fancy giving a mini musician to someone who is...they can now be found at
If you like the look of these guys but not sure you want to commit to owning one...soon there will be some greetings cards featuring them on the shop as well...for all those times you wanted to give someone a musical card and just couldn't find one. (no? just me then.)

And here's the latest guy, modelled on a friend of mine. Making the french horn wasn't as tricky as I thought once I had an idea how to do it.

So if you know someone who might like one of these, or just think they're pretty cool, please share share share!

Also, I'm not entirely sold on my shop name, so if anyone has any bright ideas for a better one, don't be shy, please drop me a comment.

Emily Kate

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