Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Strings Made Of String...

A bit of an apology is in order I think. My aim for a post a week has really slacked off in the last couple of months, due to holidays firstly and then the dreaded start of term craziness. But I have been working on a little something for all you nutters who liked my knitted bassoonist. I've been saying I'm going to knit an entire orchestra for months and not really doing anything about it. Until now. So may I present.... the string section!

knitted cello

There were a few issues in the crafting process...namely that it turns out as a wind player I know literally nothing about string instruments and thought they had 6 strings. I also realised a little late that the left arm of the violinist/violist wouldn't be long enough to reach the end of the violin, so had to do a little emergency surgery and re-knit a new arm, which is significantly longer than the other one. Although I realise now of course that you can't see any of these intricate little details in the photos anyway!

So there you go...some more mini musicians. And for anyone like myself strange enough to want a knitted version of themselves, these will be going up on etsy at some point in the near future... I promise. Do share this post with any musical friends you may have!
I like this last one, it even looks like they're looking up for the photo.

Emily Kate.

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