Sunday, 1 September 2013

Simplicity Basic Top

For my second sewing project, I wanted a simple top pattern, which I could use several times in different fabrics. I also wanted to make a peter pan collar top at some point, so I thought with a plain vest top pattern I could add a collar to it. The pattern I found eventually was Simplicity New Look 6483 with 5 different styles to choose from in one pattern. It says easy, as several of the New Look patterns do, but also '1 hour sewing time'. Now I'm not really sure how long it took me to make it, but it was significantly longer than that, more like 1 day!

The fabric I chose was a gorgeous silvery grey with a pattern of pink and blue flowers on it, from the sewing and craft warehouse in Tooting, only £5.99 for a metre. I used a grey thread with it and chose the pattern for design E (top left corner).

I have to say I made a couple of fairly big (colossal) mistakes with this project, although luckily all of them were quite easily rectified. When I cut out the pattern, I stupidly didn't cut the front piece on the fold as it said so had two seperate pieces for the front and back. Rather than it have a seam or buttons down the front I decided to just buy some more fabric. It's so pretty anyway I'm sure I will use it for plenty of other small projects.

I also somehow managed to sew the bottom together when I did the hem, I've not really got the hang of keeping any unwanted fabric out of the way of the needle yet. I terms of the pattern I found it relatively easy to follow, although I did find I could have explained the back bit with the opening clearer, for complete beginners like me. I'm still struggling to visualise how patterns fit together, I've never really been good at that sort of thing. However despite making mistakes pretty regularly, I just unpick and start again if I'm not happy with it. So here is the finished article!

Originally I felt it was a bit gappy in certain places, such as the back (evident from the photo). But then after wearing it several times I think it's actually better with that amount of ease for a non-stretch fabric. I also made a second one, taking some width out of the back and the front neckline, but it made it much too tight. All in all I'm really happy with my pattern purchase, it fits well (I'm a standard size 10 and made that size) and I can reuse the pattern again and again, and use the four other designs too. So I would definitely recommend it to people for a basic top pattern, especially for beginners, although don't expect it to be done in one hour!!

Emily Kate

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