Wednesday, 31 July 2013

First Sewing Project!

So here we have it... my very first sewing project. Since I've been reading Tilly and the Buttons' blog for a while now, I wanted to start with one of Tilly's own patterns, suitable for beginners. I can't wait to try the Mathilde blouse, but I thought that was rather tricky for a first piece of clothing, so I went for the Miette skirt.

I chose a red linen for the fabric which I slightly regretted later, as it frays terribly (all over the carpet!) and is really difficult to get (and keep) the creases out. Hence the dodgy photos due to wrinkles and my bad posture. Although I do love the colour.

I found the pattern simple to assemble, although my flat is barely big enough to lay out a sewing pattern on the floor! I initially thought I wouldn't include the pockets, but decided not to chicken out, and I'm glad I didn't as I love them. Tilly's blog has step-by-step instructions for each stage, in the minutest of details with pictures and everything. What more could you ask for. I've never been good at visualising things and working out how they fit together, so this was perfect for me.

There are quite a few mistakes, but with the tie and the wrap around style of the skirt, they are quite well hidden.

So there you go, my first dress-making project. It's already had several outings, and is very comfy, I don't think the photos quite do it justice!

Emily Kate.


  1. Lovely! It looks so gorgeous in red.

  2. I have had my sewing machine for years now and have never got around to making anything like this...feeling a bit guilty now! Looks good! Very impressive x


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