Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Negative Embroidery Experiment

hand embroidery Since my Glasses Case post a couple of months ago I've really wanted to try some more negative space embroidery. So this time I decided to try a shape rather than a word, with horizontal lines around it rather than seed stitches. I chose a flying bird for the image, and I rather like the effect. The outline could have been clearer I think if the embroidered lines were slightly closer together. I chose colours that went well together, (although the photo doesn't illustrate this at all well!) turquoise, dark blue, magenta and white. I pinned the shape onto the centre of the hoop and then began stitching fancy lines in embroidery floss out from the edge of the template.

 The only thing is I'm not entirely sure what to do with it now, I feel like I should make it into something... but I don't know what. I could just leave it as a little piece of embroidery hoop art, but then I'm not really sure what one's supposed to do with them either, just hang them around?! Any ideas are always welcomed in the comments section!

Anyway this is an embroidery technique I really love doing, and I am hoping to try it out on a sewing machine some time soon, because if I could find a way of doing it a little quicker, I'd like to try out maybe selling a few things on etsy.

In other crafty news... my mini musicians had unfortunately taken a back seat for a while.. as I do find it difficult to feel inspired to knit when it's so warm outside! I'll be spending rather a lot of time on a megabus trundling along the M4 in the next month or so though, so I have decided to make use of it and knit like crazy. However my next post should hopefully feature one or two of my knitted friends at least, so watch this space...

Emily Kate.

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