Saturday, 22 June 2013

Mini Musicians...

 Well, well, well, looky what we have here... It's some more mini musicians! (and about time too)
So here we have Miss Flute and Miss Oboe, loosely based on a couple of friends of mine, and yes her hair actually is that crazy, although perhaps not that yellow.
 The flute was very simple to make, as it's all silver there wasn't really any need for any added detail. I have some spangly silver thread, which is very difficult to knit with, but made a pretty good flute I think.
For the oboe I used the end of a cocktail stick for the reed, and increased a stitch for the last couple of rows, to make the bell.

mini oboist

So if you're a flute or oboe player, or you know someone who is, send them a link to my blog! I've been very surprised and humbled by the response I had to my mini bassoonist on here, and my facebook, and I've been inspired to try and sell a few on etsy. So please do watch this space, I'll hopefully get it done over the summer. It's lovely to see I'm not the only musical geek out there!

knitted oboe

Emily Kate

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