Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tile Coasters Tutorial

tile coasters

I eventually got round yesterday to making something I've meant to do for ages... some nice coasters. The ones we had previously were flimsy bits of weird plastic recovered from one of my dad's flats, when the tenant upped and left. (we just can't turn free stuff down!)
I love the idea of having things around that no one else will have, and that cost little to make. By using an old London map they also create a talking point in the home too. Now I know there are probably hundreds of tutorials for this type of thing, but hey, why not one more, which doesn't include the use of 'Mod Podge'!

Tile Coasters tutorial
 So above is all the supplies you need to make these coasters. I chose to use an old map I found at a flea  market in Somerset, but you could use any piece of paper material you like. I'm thinking of doing some more from an old newspaper, or some old sheet music (although as a musician that does seem kinda like sacrilege).

  • First cut out squares from the paper your using that are slightly smaller than the tiles themselves. I used a stanley knife against a ruler to get a really clean straight edge and ironed them flat. 
  • On some newspaper, paint on a layer of standard PVA glue to the tiles and carefully place the paper squares on top. Wait for the glue to dry completely before the next step. 
  • Mix some PVA glue in a cup with water to a roughly 1:1 ratio. You may see on other tutorials people talking about Mod Podge, or other decoupage glue. I looked at getting some but it doesn't seem easy to get in the UK and having googled it a bit more, it seems to be PVA based anyway. So I stuck to plain old PVA. Spread a thin layer across the tiles and wait until it dries completely. Repeat this several times(I did around 6) until the surface is shiny and the paper is completely stuck to the tile.
  • When the last layer of PVA has dried, flip the tiles and stick some cork, or felt pads on the bottom.
If you're giving them as a gift, stack and tie some ribbon around them or if not, put the kettle on for their very first use!

Tile Coasters London Map

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