Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A Knitted Clarinet..

This little guy is the second of my little knitted musicians. I am hoping... eventually, to do one of each instrument, although I have to admit the idea of a knitted french horn terrifies me somewhat.

As before I used the basic pattern for a body from the Stitch London book, and then personalised it. It is supposed to be my friend Elliott, the clarinettist in my ensemble (www.waldegrave-ensemble.com if you're interested!), and I think it's not too bad a likeness.

There's a round piece of cardboard in the bottom of the body to keep it flat and able to stand up. I deliberated for ages on how to do the hair, and ended up doing long stitches into the stuffing of the head, out through the crown and back in around where the hairline would be.

The clarinet was knitted i-cord, which makes a 3d kind of line of knitting, and I added silver thread for the details and wire threaded through to keep it rigid.

Stay tuned for the next mini musician! Any helpful ideas on how to go about knitting other instruments would be gratefully received..

Emily Kate

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