Monday, 11 March 2013

Embroidered Glasses Case

So my latest little sewing project is a present I made for my Mum's birthday last week. She recently started wearing reading glasses she buys for £1, and then can never find when she needs them.

negative embroidery
handmade embroidered glasses case
 I decided to make a glasses case quite a while ago but I couldn't decide what style to do, a plain fabric one or to incorporate some sort of embroidery, as it is my latest fad.

Then I remembered something I saw a while back - negative space embroidery. I decided to just go for the obvious word - glasses, for a glasses case. I like the idea that you know exactly what it is.
For my fabric I chose a cute pink and white polka dot cotton for the lining, and a wool felt for the outside. I used some polyester wadding for extra protection.

So for the embroidery, I first typed the letters out in Microsoft Word, and found a font that I liked. I put it inside a box the same size as I planned for my glasses case, and then printed the template out and used a craft knife to cut out the letters. I then traced around the inside of the letters with my fabric pencil.

Next I started sewing.. first going around all of the letters in a backstitch so I had a clear boundary for where there would be no stitches.
I then started to do lots of stitches close together in different directions from the outline of the letters to about half a centimetre around. I think the wool felt works really nicely for embroidery, and it is a lovely soft fabric to work with.

I really love how the letters stand out, and have now have lots of ideas for other projects using this method!

Emily Kate.

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  1. This is so clever and creative - just bet your mom loves it!


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